Cancellation Policy

* No refunds once the courses have started and passwords have been issued.

* If you don't turn up at the booked time within 10 minutes of the lesson starting, the session will be canceled. Missing a scheduled private lesson without prior notification/valid reason will be deducted from the total amount of sessions paid for. Missing a second scheduled private lessons without prior notification/valid reason, will result in immediate cancellation of the course without refund. No further courses may be taken. Though I offer flexibility and will take personal circumstances / emergencies into account throughout the course, basic courtesy is required to inform me of non-attendance before the session is due. Lessons may be rescheduled upto no more than 1 hour before the session is due. There is no guarantee you can reschedule in the same week.

* It is your responsibility to read the requirements for each course before applying and to provide truthful information on your ability and learner level. 

* If you decide to leave the 1-1 taught Beginner before completion and decide to pick up learning again, you can only do it as self-study with 3 months e-mail support but won't have to pay for it again.

* Breaks are no longer allowed during 4-week Booster Courses or Booster Modules.

* The 41-week course(2019) has some flexibility where you can take a break where needed because of the virus outbreak and other commitments.

* The 16 and 33 week group courses already take into account fixed and flexible breaks. The course will not be extended once closed even if you haven't completed your 1-1 sessions due to taking more breaks than allowed. If you decide to leave the course before completion, you can pick up learning again only as as 1-1 taught course as there is no guarantee the course will be offered again.

* I reserve the right to terminate your course for reasons as follows: rude behaviour towards me or other students, repetitively not completing tasks on time, not following instructions, attending lessons without being prepared, only working on parts you prefer instead of all the course aspects, skipping parts of learning you don't like or are not interested in, altering my copyrighted lesson resources in any way, continuously comparing/wanting help with courses from other course providers or when is deemed you have not made enough progress to cope with the next level of learning.

* I reserve the right to terminate your course and reimburse the course cost if I feel the course is not suitable for you or if teaching methods are not compatible with your expectations.

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