If you want to book overnight accommodation in the hotel, contact them directly on:

01382 314 330

Report to reception on arrival and they will point you to the meeting room.

Course Times

8.30 Welcome Coffee & Pastries

Lesson 1: 09.00 - 09.50

Lesson 2: 09.55 - 10.45

Break Coffee, Tea & Biscuits

Lesson 3: 11.00 - 11.50

Lesson 4: 11.55 - 12.45

Lunch 12.45 - 13.45

Lesson 5: 13.45 - 14.45

Break Coffee, Tea & Biscuits

Lesson 6: 15.00 - 16.00

Round-up of the day


2-Day Intensive Gaelic Beginner Course


The first event was amazing and requests are coming in to set up another weekend in the area. Register your interest and as soon as we have enough students, I'll arrange the dates.

New dates TBC

(no registrations on the day itself is possible as all resources/lessons have been
prepared beforehand based on the number of registered students)

Holiday Inn Express
41 Dock Street, Dundee, DD1 3DR (TBC)

This course is designed for complete beginners and it is a great introduction to the Gaelic language. The lessons will be dynamic and interactive with teaching aids to help you understand. Emphasis will be on conversation and interaction from the very beginning! You will be encouraged to work in pairs and groups to maximize your learning and help you build a good foundation.

The Dundee events are set-up in collaboration with Nicky MacCrimmon to promote Gaelic learning in the area. Everyone is welcome to join his weekly meet-up group and a warm welcome especially to all Duolingo learners! This is a group of learners supporting learners. For info you can contact Nicky MacCrimmon by e-mail on n1cky_1983@msn.com or @nickyrannoch on Twitter. You will get a chance to meet him as he will visit the class to tell you about his group.

Course Information

You are welcome to arrive from 8.30am onwards for a warm-up coffee and pastries on Saturday. You will get your own folder with the handbook, badge and other items before the class starts at 9am.

Easy footwear and comfortable clothing for class activities. 

Refreshments provided throughout the day.

Lunch (buffet) included in the price.

Price TBC


The Course Package also Includes:

Free Access to the Full 12-lesson Online Beginner Course (no support).

1 Gaelic Crossword Booklet

Printed Student Handbook

Optional add-ons:

Upgrade to 3-month e-mail support while doing the Full Online Beginner Course after the weekend course at the discounted rate of: £60


Upgrade to 1-1 tuition of the Full Beginner Course after the weekend course at the discounted rate of £180


Sign up for my 1-1 Post-Beginner (Grammar & Dialogue) Course and get £40 discount.

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