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Session times are set in GMT between October-March. Students are responsible for checking the time difference.
Courses are property of Ann Desseyn - Cooper (copyrighted) and may not be used by others to teach or distribute without prior permission of the author.
Passwords may not be shared and will be changed on regular basis. 

Areas which successfully completed a 2-day intensive Beginner Course: Dundee & Aberdeen
I'm supporting businesses wherever possible. Gifts included in your course, help other businesses get through the downturn. 

August 09, 2020

This course is available all-year round. Every student will receive the course handbook by post and have access to online resources. Discount vouchers can't be used for this option temporarily.

Option 1 Taught course includes 11 private sessions. I'm lowering the price to £180 during lockdown due to COVID-19. Certificate and Gift included on course completion. Price will revert to £240 for registrations after 01/08/2020.

Option 2: Self-paced study with 3 months e-mail support £97Certificate on achieving pass-marks in the final assessment and a gift.

Beginner Course 2-Day Classroom Events - ON HOLD during Island Lockdown

September 06, 2020

1. Do you prefer intensive class-room based learning? Register your interest and I'll get in touch once an event is set up in your area.

2. Are you a business with multiple employees who want to study Gaelic? Get in touch for a quote. 

3. Why not set up a Staff Team Building/Leadership Coaching Event in the Western Isles with Gaelic tuition included!

Post-Beginner Conversation Development Course 1-1 Tuition

August 16, 2020

8-week Structured Course with Learning Resources & 8  private lessons covering reading, writing, pronunciation and conversation skills development. Homework and sound recordings to be submitted. £240 (discount voucher can be used for this option)
Gaelic Comic Book & Certificate on completion of the course. Entry Requirements: Successful completion of my 'Introduction to Scottish Gaelic Beginner Conversation Course'.

Post-Beginner - Conversation Development Group Course

September 06, 2020

Structured Course with Learning Resources & 8 group lessons covering dialogue writing, reading, pronunciation and conversation building skills development. Homework to be submitted before each lesson. Use of the verb TO BE and Verbal Noun only (no use of regular/irregular verbs/inversion).

FREE Gaelic Comic Book & Certificate on completion of the course. £165 (8 weeks) (my discount vouchers can be used) Max 6 students per group.

Entry Requirements: Successful completion of my 'Introduction to Scottish Gaelic Beginner Conversation Course'.

Intermediate Booster & Dialogue Development 1-1 tuition

August 09, 2020

From 10/08/2020 only 1 booster course will be available. 
£240 for the 4-module course (8 lesson - 4 or 8 week format).
It includes the original Booster Course in a new format & Lower Intermediate Dialogue Development Course. FREE 50 Grammar Exercises booklet on sign-up, certificate & gift on completion of 4 modules. (Discount vouchers can be used) Admission is interview-based. 
If you prefer working on 1 module at the time, you pay £120 per module (4 lessons per module).

FREE 50 Grammar Exercises booklet on sign-up, certificate on completion of each module. It includes the original Booster Course in a new format. (discount vouchers can be used)

Intermediate Listening Skills Course

September 06, 2020

8 lessons to help you develop your listening skills. Includes news, weather, interviews, dictation practice £85 Self-study with e-mail support. Certificate and Gaelic comic book on successful completion of the course.

Intermediate Self-Paced - Turas gu Ìle

September 06, 2020

Learn about Islay while working on your reading/pronunciation skills. You will expand your vocabulary and revise some grammar points using a course work book. Videos, soundfiles and revision quizes are included.

£85. Submit all you work and voice recordings for review to receive a Certificate and Comic Book on completion of the course.

Self-Paced Grammar Modules

August 09, 2020

£45 per module. If you wish to receive a Module Completion Certificate and gift on completion of 3 modules, complete & submit all the written tasks in the module as well as the voice recordings of the dialogues. (discount vouchers can't be used for this option) The modules cover Grammar Exercises 1 - 12 in  my Grammar Book more in-depth.

Self-Paced Development of Dialogue Writing Skills Courses

August 09, 2020

You will receive feedback on writing tasks and dialogue voice recordings. There are 8 lessons in each option which include workbooks and soundfiles to practice with. You will receive a certificate and Comic Book on completion of all tasks. £85 per course option.

Option 1 The use of To Be and Verbal Noun in the past, present and future tense (only).

Option 2 The use of Regular Verbs in the past and future tense, word inversion (only).

Option 3 The use of Irregular Verbs in the past and future tense, more complicated grammar & sentence structures.

Asterix Reading Club 2020 - 8 weeks

September 06, 2020

This is a group activity where students read the comic book for pronunciation practice. 45 minute sessions £85 for 8 weeks (1 per week - minimum 2 students) Gaelic Comic Books are not included in the price but can be ordered here: http://www.dalenllyfrau.com 

Discount vouchers can't be used for this option. 

Club Leughaidh - Fileantaich - 4 seachdainean

September 06, 2020

This is a group activity where students will read the Litir do Luchd Ionnsachaidh, followed by asking and answering questions about the content or grammar in Gaelic only. 45 minute sessions  £45 for 4 weeks (date and time to be agreed)Discount vouchers can't be used for this option.

Outlander Gaelic Taster Session

August 09, 2020

Are you eager to learn some Gaelic and understand what is being said in Outlander? How about learning the Wedding Vows? Registration all year round for a 45 minute lesson £30 (includes study resources and Certificate)

Hebridean Gaelic Immersion Weekends ON HOLD during Island Lockdown

September 06, 2020

Base-point North Uist. Includes an excursion to the Isle of Harris (weather depending). Includes Gaelic tuition, pick-up/drop off from Lochmaddy Harbour/Benbecula airport. Food & accommodation are not included. Minimum 2 - max 12 students.

Study Gaelic while Touring Scotland ON HOLD TILL 2021

April 30, 2021

You can now learn Gaelic while traveling instead of sitting in a classroom! How about going on an Outlander Tour or visit the Gaelic Hebrides. For more information check my other website:


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